Bolaball is a company based on our deep family values and we strive to provide the highest quality product at an affordable price so everyone can enjoy our outdoor games.

 Our outdoor games are about whirling bola’s, spinning bean bags, sinking washers, flying discs, and much more. We specialize in high-quality, solid wood games that your family and ours can enjoy for years to come. We work with many innovative inventors to provide fun and exciting indoor and outdoor games for you and your family to play.

Our lawn games are perfect for just about any age and skill level and can be played just about anywhere, indoors, outside, at family gatherings, and on outings with friends. You can take our games to the park, the beach, BBQs, camping, or even your own backyard. Some of our games can even be played in the water!


So clear your schedule, finish your chores and take a vacation day because once you get started playing our games…

nothing else will matter! CAUTION: our outdoor games are seriously addictive!